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End of January review

After a very busy, but very productive month, I am now looking forwards into February, where I will be moving out to France for the season, with CC Plancoët. It’s really exciting to see how my form has started coming along since starting coaching with Erwan Cornillet, who also coaches Côte d’Amour, the French DN1 team in Brittany. Also with great help from Paul, who has been working hard behind the scenes with my gym routines.

I’m now finalising my race calendar for the first part of the season, which is giving me some specific dates to work towards, and allowing myself to start to plan for my season peaks. I will be arriving on the 25th February, and my first race is going to be the support race for the Route Bretonne on the 27th Feb, in Vannes. I’m excited to kick things off with that race specifically as a lot of the bigger national teams will be there, and it’s a good opportunity to show myself and make a good impression.

Another big progression this month was getting my TT bike fitted and doing my first TT. Fulcycle have worked relentlessly to get me in a great position which has not been at all easy, with my typically poor flexibility it has not been an easy task, which involved many days of adjustments and trying out different bikes. Finally, I now have a suitable position which I can race on. The TT I did at castle Combe last weekend (30th) showed me that I still have some work to do with measuring my effort, and also maintaining my position, but I’m already working on these.

With just 4 weeks until I depart, it’s time to finalise everything and hopefully make the transition as smooth as possible. There’s a lot to do, but I’m also very excited and can’t wait!

Tried getting fitted on this Dolan first, didn’t quite work out as you can see the position isn’t great
First time on the Moda, felt much better, this was before spending the day fitting it.
Towards the end of the day of fitting, much better, feeling more comfortable in the aero position, also being able to put out more power consistently.

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