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The last couple of weeks have been spent working on myself a lot. Since I started my season here in France in February, it went all as planned and I was very happy on where I was physically, but after a couple of weeks the going got tougher, and I wasn’t able to stay on track with my progression. The race results didn’t come, and I was getting more and more desperate to find answers.

It’s difficult when it doesn’t go as you plan, and you naturally seek answers or solutions, when the plan you’ve spent ages making and putting time into, starts to crumble, it’s far from easy to keep ploughing through it and finding the positives, but it’s important to always keep things in proportion, and look at the big picture.

You sometimes need a wake up call, or something to knock you off your tracks to help you find your feet again. I feel so good now, after having gone on a downwards spiral for the last couple of months to starting to turn things around now.

I’m very much looking forward to this second half of the season, I have a lot to offer, and some potential big opportunities, I just need to work towards it now. The race calendar is looking pretty full from now until the end of the season, which is really exciting as this gives me many opportunities, which is exactly what I need!

I participated in Tour de Flers last weekend- the race I won last season. I had no pressure going into it, since I knew I was on relatively bad form. I was there to enjoy it, which felt nice. It also felt good to be competitive in the race, going with attacks and pushing for the win. I didn’t come away with a result, but I’m already feeling stronger, which is a good sign for things to come.

Now it’s time to focus on training a lot more, I’ve got great plans coming up, and there’s a lot to be excited about! The future is looking good.

I’ll be back next Monday with some more racing related news! Going to be sorting out the race calendar a lot this week, planning for the months ahead.

Thanks to everyone for the support so far, it’s not always been easy but it’s looking good now. Exciting times ahead.

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