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Importance of organisation

This week was all very disorganised, disastrous travel plans, car breakdown, and last minute races- a lot happened, but I’m appreciating normality much more now!

I planned to come back to the UK to pick up a car, so I can be mobile here again. It seemed like such a simple plan, with not much to go wrong, but on the way to the ferry crossing, I realised I forgot my passport! Panic bells were ringing and I had no idea what to do, so I just went to the ferry port anyway (1 hour late as I also messed up my lift to the ferry). Fortunately I was able to sort out my booking with the help of my dad, and it was decided that he would come to France to drop off the car for me, very generously. What I hadn’t planned, was how I was going to get home now. It was after 5, and the journey home was 2 hours. I had no way of getting home so I decided to head back into the city centre and find a hotel. Typically, all the hotels were booked, and after lots of stressing and struggling, I had a hotel to go to- the only issue was it was 5km away, and I had to walk. Anyway, at least I made it, and got some sleep before heading back in the morning. I was so grateful to be back in Plancoët, but I was exhausted after a rough nights sleep.

I thought the nightmare was over, and my dad was on his way to deliver the car. However, the car broke down on his way here, and he was stranded on the autoroute (motorway) at 1am. Thankfully the car was recovered, and the recovery guys sent him to a hotel so he could have a few hours rest before he had to head back to England again! I couldn’t believe his misfortune, especially since he was only doing this to help me. It really didn’t feel like my week.

Anyway, long story short, what was supposed to be a great weekends racing turned out to be no weekend racing, as I didn’t have a car to get to the races. It was a real shame because I was particularly looking forward to these races, as they suited me well.

I made an impulsive decision to cycle over to this local-ish race, do it, then ride back. it was about 45km each way, and the race was 90km. I thought to myself it would be good training more than anything. The was wasn’t overly hard, but I just didn’t have the right mindset, and was missing all the important moves. I ended up performing very averagely, nothing special at all, but I suppose the 45km ride over there didn’t help. At least I had some good training in the legs, and I could ride home and relax.

I ended up going about 185km on Sunday, which is the longest I’ve gone in a long time, one of my longest rides too. But I felt surprisingly good, even on hour 5. The fact that I was eating and drinking enough must’ve made a really big difference.

Now I’m back to normal, back into the good routine of training, and excited for races to come. My form is still bad, but it’s improving now. With great training sessions during the week I have more confidence going into the weekend races, and it’s a nice feeling being strong when it’s difficult.

I’m hoping to get my car sometime this week, which will al


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