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Weekend without racing

So I didn’t race last weekend, instead I helped out with my team in hosting a round of the Junior National Series here. This gave me a different point of view of racing, and I loved it! I was helping my team out at feed points throughout the race, driving frantically to get to certain points in the race before they come past, handing out bottles when possible, it is nearly as exciting as being in the race itself, but so thrilling and exciting! It felt quite nice being at a race, without having the pressure of being in the race itself. Watching the race only gave me fire in my legs, ready to attack the next race I do, with such passion and eagerness.

Also, since I had the weekend without racing, this meant I was able to push my training a little bit more, and get some longer rides in, which was perfect given the weather. I’ve used this time to get myself back up to good form, focus on recovery, and also do some voluntary work such as working at the local bike shop, and going to a pre-school, helping the new generation of Julian Alaphilippe’s and Arnaud Démare’s with bike skills and safety. A very fun but tiring way to spend most of the day.

Since I’ve been feeling stellar recently, it’s been great being able to turn up the training a bit, getting longer sessions in and also more powerful, but now with racing this weekend it’s back to measuring efforts sensibly and perfecting my form. I feel like I’m in a pretty good position now, and fresh to put a fight on this weekends race, which is Vitré GP, a category 2-3 race, which is looking to be another big race! I’m really looking forward to this weekend, good sensations in training in the last week, and nailing everything off the bike which feels great too. Next few weeks are looking to be very promising, but we’ll be taking it week by week, just looking at one race at a time.

Some nice photos below, the team for the National race last weekend, setting up the pre-school bike lesson, and then today’s rest day ride to the coast.

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